Monday, September 27, 2010

review of mesa boogie rectoverb combo

 I bought a mesa boogie rectoverb 50 watt combo amp a few years back. I absolutley love it. It does have a few negative things about it. However the good definitely outways the bad.  It is a two channel amp . the clean channel has two modes "clean" and "pushed" while the distorted channel has three modes " raw" , "vintage" ,and "modern".  I am not crazy about the clean sound on this amp. In my opinion it is the worst thing about this amp. of course i have gotton use to my fender  clean sound and we all know how great those are. But it is usable if you want to embellish it with some chorus or something. If you choose to use this channel in "pushed" mode you will find a very nice saturated smooth blues type sound. This mode has a very dynamic distorted lead tone that you don't want to ignore.
  On channel two there are three modes all of which have a "darker" tone than those of channel one. the "raw" mode is my least favorite as it is the least distorted, the "vintage" mode is my favorite. It 's lush leads can be heard on many of my favorite albums.It has a very warm and smooth yet very heavey and metal sound. The "modern" mode is the most distorted and heaviest tone on this amp. However it boost much more highs than in the vintage mode and takes away from the warmth that i am so  partial to.
   Over all this is a great amp. It is very versatile ,having a broad range of tones to fit any style of rock or metal and maybe even more. So i recommend it , if you can lift

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